12,000 Years In The Making#NEVERSETTLEPLEDGE

  • The pristine spring that generates Seven Water is at the edge of the Canadian Shield, sculpted by a glacier thousands of years ago, which deposited the unique gravel esker that filters our spring water and provides the ideal pH level for perfect drinking water. There has never been industrial development or commercial farming near this spring.

    John Rochon,
    Founder, Rochon Premium Brands

The Official Waterof your favorite entertainment

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is the most-listened to contemporary morning show in America.

These personalities never settle for second best, that is why Seven Water is a proud partner of the morning show keeping them and their celebrity guests hydrated.

Every weekend, The Hollywood 5 catches listeners up with the biggest entertainment stories of the week. From our network of Hollywood insiders, taste makers and straight from the celebrities themselves, making Seven Water the official water of your favorite entertainment.


I promise that I will never be satisfied with average. I will never accept someone else’s standard as my own. I will never quit on my dreams. I will never let my purpose succumb to my struggles. I will never give up my passion to fulfill my purpose.

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