Surrounded by august trees, bucolic lakes, and clear air, the Lanark Highlands are unparalleled among other idyllic countrysides. This natural haven rests in the Crown Lands and enjoys the rigorous protection of the Canadian government. However, the real treasure of this wilderness lies hidden under the ground. Some of the earth’s clearest and purest water flows free and untouched; a trove for centuries.

This water has previously been enjoyed only by visitors to the land. However, because the natural spring runs on private land owned by the Rochon family for generations, Rochon Premium Brands is now enabling others throughout the world to taste natural beauty in its purest form. This water is a welcome departure from the mass-produced bottled water stacked in grocery stores.

The spring itself was sculpted by ancient glaciers and over thousands of years deposited a gravel esker through which the water filters. It is this unique esker that creates the perfect pH level that has come to be associated with this water. The Algonquin natives treasured the water for its quality and settlers in the region took notice of its purity and superiority.

Seven Spring Water is sourced and bottled by experts on the wilderness and spring. The clear glass bottles are an aesthetic treat while respecting the ecological source of the water. While plastic containers take hundreds of years to decompose, glass is an environmentally safe alternative.

There is a unique quality to Seven Water; use it to make tea, coffee, or other beverages and witness the effect that superior water creates. This is the simplest, purest, and most thirst-quenching water available.

The Rochon Family invites you to discover for yourself the pleasant surprise that is Seven Water.