Seven™ Canadian Still Spring Water is no ordinary water.


Seven emerges from deep beneath the wilderness on private land in Eastern Ontario after flowing for two miles through the ancient limestone rock formations of the Canadian Shield.


Seven is off the charts in superior quality: Just try to compare it to any other bottled water!  We dare you!!


  • Virginality (protected from surroundings): There are five levels, with “superior” as the best. Seven is rated “superior;”

  • Minerality: Seven is low in total dissolved solids, giving it a pleasant taste without mineral “overkill;”

  • Orientation: Seven has low acidity (neutral) with a pH of 7-7.6, giving it a clean taste with just an hint of sweetness;

  • Hardness: Seven is very soft (low calcium and magnesium), with a hardness of only .083 mg/liter;

  • Sodium: Seven is extremely low in sodium (1.73 mg/liter)


One of the world’s authorities on groundwater hydrology, Dr. Fred Michel, Director of the Institute of Environmental Science and professor at Carlton University in Ottawa – who has studied the geology of the aquifer that produces Seven water – found that it produces outstanding spring water with the perfect pH level and optimum mineral content for hydration and health.  Dr. Michel is working with us as we bring Seven to the world.


Because it is so pristine, there is zero aftertaste.  Taking a drink of Seven is like breathing the cool night air in a Canadian forest.


Seven is produced under the strict regulation of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and inspected by the Canadian Bottled Water Association.
Most Canadian spring water cannot by law be exported.  But, because we own the mineral rights on the private land where Seven is produced, we can bring this rare and amazing water to lucky consumers outside Canada.
It is astonishingly thirst quenching and hydrating – like no other water in the world!


Seven should always be experienced super cold, with no ice.  First, chill the bottle to its lowest possible temperature, then enjoy Seven straight – exactly as it comes from beneath the Earth.